Marketing in Less than 60 Minutes!

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The Crowd at the event

It was a great Event filled with enthusiam at the Cribb, where Influencers WS presented Marketing in less than 60 minutes!

Marketing is Bringing the right product to the right person at the right place, at the right time and at the right price, and no matter if Your Website, Your Company or simply YOU were the product, Check out this Fun & Cozy Crash Course Covering the Marketing Essentials to learn what are the basics and how to develop a small marketing Strategy, in Less than 60 Minutes!

Download and Share the Materials as you like, it’s a Community Course (Click on the SlideShare logo to be redirected to download the presentation)

Missed the Session: Download the Presentation’s Audio Edition

Check out Photos and more information about the meetup

We extend a Special Thank you for the Organizers at The Cribb (Powered by i360 Accelerator) who hosted the program. 

The Cribb


Free Community Course: Set & Execute your Goals

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Set And Execute Your Goals - Main Page

Hello & Welcome to Set & Execute your Goals; This is a Free Program brought to you by INFLUENCERS WS and we hope you get the most out of it.

The program will be taking you on a tour to explore the 5 Steps to Set & Execute your Goals

  1. Stop & Take a Look Around
  2. Close your Eyes & Dream
  3. Capture & Record your Goals
  4. Develop an Execution Strategy
  5. Live the Life you always wanted!

Watch the Course (56 Minutes)

Download the Materials (Right Click & Save As)

We recommend you schedule a total of 4 hours to follow up on doing the exercises.

We extend a Special Thank you for the Organizers at The Cribb (Powered by i360 Accelerator) who hosted the program. 

The Cribb

Welcome to Influencers WS!

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Influencers WS Logo

We are a group of friends who dream to make the world a better place by spreading knowledge and sharing expertise; We aim at enabling others to present, plan and think better by organizing community events across the world.

Welcome to Influencers WS!